Classic SciFi-action-flick with great cast and great Humor
9 March 2020
10 years from now, people are going to watch this movie and it will dawn on them how nearly accurate some of the predections for the future where in this movie, from the believeable electric cars to being spyed on by devices that monitor everything you say, not far fetched that one day the same devices will be used to give you a ticket for hate speech that excludes your First Amendment Rights. LOL

I liked the cast in this one very much, from sandra bullock, to sly to snipes and all the others did a great job too, they dont make movies like this anymore but i do enjoy watching it everytime it runs on TV.

I urge everyone to watch this if you havent already, it will make you chuckle, from the plot to the acting to the point where you compare how technology and society evolved since the making of this movie.
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