Review of The Prodigy

The Prodigy (2019)
A little better that the current ilk of horror movies
10 March 2020
A nasty little offering about a boy possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. At first the boy appears to have genius qualities but as he grows up the spirit take control, creating mayhem and causing his shellshocked parents into separation. A misguided counsellor, and a nutty reincarnation expert are used to explain his condition, but the overwrought mother, for some reason, never passes the evidence on to his father. The Prodigy moves at a steady pace with some grisly and disturbing surprises along the way. As with many of the new made for television crop, the characters are never fleshed out, leaving the viewer indifferent to their fate, in particular the lacklustre father who is a lifeless prop. The acting is a little stitled, the background music is grating, there are holes in the plot and it has a cheap look; In evidence is the leeching of colour, seen in the current glut of these movies, and lack of lighting expertise. Whether this is deliberate or due to the filming technique, the resulting muddy look flattens the picture and diminishes the shocks and special effects. With a little imagination and nuance a film can be brought to life. The Prodigy is better than many of its contemporaries, and is sure to leave a sour taste in your mouth. The little boy is seriously creepy
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