No One's Son (2008)
An amputy war veteran finds out that his childhood was not what it seemed
21 March 2020
I watched this movie rather late in 2020 even so it is from 2008, the reason for that was simply because i watched more recent war-themed croatian movies which where underwhelming so i was keeping an eye out if i could find something that is actually good for croatian standards, and i did like this for the most part except the last third was very very constructed, especially the end.

Niciji sin has great cinematography for croatian standards and the few war-scenes were more believable than what i have seen recently (considering that this movie is by the time of reviewing already 12y old).

Actor Alen Liveric is awesome, great performance while all other actors are good too but basically play themselves like they do in other movies. But Liveric is really memorable in this one. Playing an ampute that lost both limbs was very well solved in this movie, considering that VFX is not croatian movies strongest side, here they solve it very good with a camera angles, a body double and a single vfx-shot to make it believable enough.

This movie is a one-time-watch drama, i dont compare it to movies from 2020 hence my rating is more like if i had seen it in the year of its making in comparsion to all other croatian movies of that time.
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