Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Defiant (1994)
Season 3, Episode 9
Rikers beard is not enough
29 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
You know --- He could have just shaved off the side burns and not needed the fake side burns to fool the DS9 crew. "Wait a sec --- Commander Riker has SIDEBURNS! This is clearly an imposter --- arrest that man!"

This is a fun episode and a clever way to get a Next Gen alumni in a DS9 episode. The other reviewers are correct with the assertion that this seems to wrap up to quick and Thomas Riker/Crew is too willing to surrender the mission for hardened resistance fighters. I think this would have worked better if they had the time or the ability to create a conflict between 'reasoned' Thomas Riker and a fanatic maquis member that eventually resulted in Riker haven't to choose the ideals of the federation over the maquis with some nudging from Kira.

Even as it is it's still a solid episode. There is some good character moments with Dukat that add some depth and sympathetic 'cool dad' attributes. I also find it quite interesting the ramifications of the Obsidian Order controlled ships/shipyards for a two part episode that is coming up. That's a nice little breadcrumb left by the writers.
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