Amazing and surprising
18 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I expected a young people's movie with teen romances but liked the look of the Sci-Fi so I gave it a try. What I found was teen romances, for sure, but in the surprising and gritty bitterness of a deep melancholia.

This film was very much a war film, but had a very old fashioned feel, both to the war and to the Sci-fi element, which I personally like since I like classic Sci-Fi. The explosions and CGI were pretty good, though not cutting edge, but I was wowed by the design and the effort put into the artefacts in the film: architecture; design of the alien robots, and the overall look of the city were very well put together.

The thoroughly pyrrhic victory and the very realistic deaths of so many, along with the stiff upper-lip grief of characters who lost people had the feel of WWI in the RFC, where teenage pilots usually only lasted a few flights.

I found this film very surprising, much more watchable than I expected and it excelled in design and in its tone.

Well worth a watch.
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