Review of Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek (2005)
I would rather eat cat litter than watch this film again
2 May 2020
Wolf Creek begins with a trio of young tourists exploring the Australian outback. The roles were generic, the usual tedious stereotypes perpetuated in this ilk of filmmaking. Nonetheless, my interest piqued when their car breaks down and a local loony named Mick (John Jarratt) picks them up. They realise that Mick is definitely odd, but the question of whether to have their car towed and go with him, or be stranded in the desert all night is a moot one. A seemingly endless drive into the darkness arouses their suspicions of his true intentions too late, and they are finally delivered to a secluded location. Alarm bells go off as, by the light of the campfire, they spot a plethora of other broken down cars surrounding them and the implications are obvious and terrifying. However, what followed was a loathsome portrayal of an unhinged man torturing his captives for the sheer pleasure of satisfying his malignant lust for pain and death. Entertainment? No. Insight into human behaviour? No. Cautionary tale? This could be told without the explicit detail. True to life? Not really. (Wolf Creek is purportedly based upon true events of two serial killers, melded into one character). A slasher movie is only ever a slasher movie, even when trying to elevate its cause by adding the 'element of truth' tag. There are several excellent documentaries that include re-enactments of these events which give a serious sense of the brutality without having to resort to sickening exploitation. Admittedly, I concede that I cannot abide the slasher movie genre, and Wolf Creek is a prime example of the pointless, relentless violence typified by these movies. There was nothing to lift this garbage out of the gutter, and it was one of the rare times that I found the intensity of the cruelty so offensive I walked out halfway through. I have since seen snippets of the rest of the movie, and ending, and wish I hadn't. If watching a cheery sadist torturing and killing his victims is your idea of a good night in, Wolf Creek is probably to your taste. Serve with a side order of cat litter.
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