Very Small Business (2008– )
Wizard Aussie humour
30 June 2020
Very Small Business does for the boys what Kath and Kim did for the girls. The humour reminded me a little of Wilfred, in that similarly in that show a devious dog has as his foil a basically straight and good man. There's a a touch of Bob Jelly from SeaChange here as well, and perhaps Kingswood Country also. Very Small Business is exaggerated and fast, and profoundly well written, backed by competent performers. I loved the characters, they were so original, and yet, strangely, so recognisably Aussie. After you've seen this show have a look at Back in Very Small Business (2018) which is equally as good, and even better for not being simply a second series, but something brilliantly refreshing with brand new or much grown up characters. Ultimately, and unexpectedly, both series come across as honest and heart warming. This is easily one of Australia's best comedies to date.
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