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Dark (2017–2020)
High review because of many germans and some "geniuses"
10 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I give 4 stars for acting , and some hard work of the director trying to put some image puzzles on the screen , but overall , bad story ( or no story at all ) , bad developing of characters , bad idea ( dont try to explain time travel because you will not succed ) , many plot holes , slow pace , and dezastrous ending .

First of all this is a combination between "Predestination: and "Looper" , which all series could have been easily fit in one 2h movie , First episodes of season 1 keeps you intrigued but season 2 is completly irelevant and repeats season 1 but with a bigger non sense and same line which is boring .I think season 2 was made just to make show bigger . After this season you can easily see where this is going to end , but even if you know , and you could imagine a good ending , they ruin it .

Some characters have no sense in the story and are not presented theire story, although you may think that they will have a big impact like the new police men , the kid born from adam and eve , boris ( which presumly is the killer of the original .tannhaus kid) , the blind man which at the start you are thinking that he might be the one who started all to save his wife .

You may feel empathy for some characters at the begining but slowly this is diminished from the season 2 , when you dont know what to feel about anyone and story starts to fall apart combining so many worlds.

Another interesting fact , this secret about travelers and theire secret "sic muntus" society is not so secret afterall since all found about it and all peoples travels , adults and kids , although they all keep it secret one from another. Although they all travell in the past and meet theire young doppelganger or some friends doppelgangers and have some sort of dialogue or connection, not one of them remember anything being adults ??? like wtf ..

To dont forget the motto "trust me" or "i promise" which is used like 100 times , and although everyone trust them , none of them keep theire promise or give a motive to trust .

In the end , we have many questions about the actual storyline . We can find out that all started when Tannhaus trying to go back in time , but what was all those other parallel worlds , and where actually all started , because everything has to have a starting point , and how jonas and martha acomplished to change the past since if the past was changed they werent there at the first place . What was all that closet last scene with no sense ?

Btw , i always wanted to find out how that police men lost his eye , but 2 times started the story and didnt finished it ,

And thats why almost every time travel movie will have 0 sense , especially if you go so deep into the story and try to explain.
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