Cattle Town (1952)
Mike McGann is The Man.
20 September 2020
Directed by Noel M. Smith and starring Dennis Morgan, there's not a lot to write home about here for Western fans. Yet there's just enough of good old fashioned yee-haw to keep it from stinker status. Plot is set in post-civil-war Texas and finds crafty Notherners buying up the land for nefarious gains. In comes the government envoy to investigate, at the front is tough guy Mike McGann (Morgan).

It's a curious mix of gunfights and singing - including a barber quintet - but the action is well staged and not in short supply, while the finale is rather rousing as cattle go berserk. It never sits still so there's no boredom factor - as it runs at just a little over 70 minutes - and Morgan (in his last WB role) is a likable leading man for this type of material. 5/10
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