The Mistletoe Inn (2017 TV Movie)
I Love It ... Unapologetically
4 October 2020
It's corny, fun, and predictable. It's perfect! It's a Hallmark movie and it delivers on everything you've come to expect from Hallmark to let you feel great and like anything is possible.

That's what other reviews here have forgotten. Hallmark movies aren't supposed to be Oscar winning blockbusters. They're so much better than that. They're movies for the soul that you can relax and enjoy without being assaulted by everything Hollywood stands for.

Alicia Witt is charming, adorable, and very easy to cheer for. Her portrayal of a new writer with a romanticized notion of being an author is actually pretty realistic based on my own experiences of meeting other new writers. Of course this kind of character is going to be a bit exaggerated for a movie! Alicia pulls it off wonderfully! Everyone does. Even all the minor characters were great!

In fact, this is one of my go-to Hallmark movies when I get in my Hallmark mood or just want to escape from the world for awhile. I've watched it at least six times already.
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