Single 2 (2019)
Not funny at all, this kind of joke won't work anymore
15 October 2020
First, let me give a quote straight from this movie: "Is it funny? Your sense of humor is so dry!" That sums up all of what is happened in this movie. Repeated formula with the previous movie, same template, lame and outdated joke, bad acting, cheesy conversation, and many more. Back in the days, I can't see why the first movie was getting a sequel in the first place, the movie itself already boring, not that bad but just so so. I think because of the number of viewers of the previous movie which is mostly the fans of the director who also an influencer/Youtuber that made the previous movie getting a sequel, but now it seems doesn't work anymore. The hype from the fans already down and some of them already realized how mediocre this movie actually is.

The main character with crazy friends is already stale and boring formula nowadays, moreover, the main character is disgusting, the actor already played this kind of template character in all of his movies. The plot is also predictable and really annoying, we can found many characters cut off the conversation of other characters which is I found really annoying and unforgivable because it is wasting the time and stretching the duration while the conflict that could be solved immediately always delayed because of this. There are also the same sentences or conversations are repeated over and over again by almost every character in this movie marked that this movie is not well written. But the good point is the cinematography is good and the main female character is also hot. Sadly the ending is still unclear, do they still want to continue this dead franchise? Please don't!
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