Review of Elephant

Elephant (2003)
When poetry meets horror
18 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Unlike most of the movies I have discussed, Elephant leaves no room for interpretation. It is raw and twisted, but at the same time thoughtful and truthful. There are many films that deal with the subject of terrorism, but none approaches the subject in the same way that Van Sant does.

To soften the subject, Van Sant makes use of a very elaborate type of montage: it shows the daily life of the young people who are involved in the attack. They are very complicated sequence shots, but they have an immense poetic charge. However, covering so many characters does not leave time for explanation and empathy. Although perhaps that is nothing more than a strategy of the director to show the irrationality of the matter.

Elephant reflects on terror and poetry, an unfortunate encounter that occurs more times than we would like. Van Sant sows in us a seed on each side, and while he waits for it to grow, he looks at the sky, praying, in this precious tribute.
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