Review of Lost Highway

Lost Highway (1997)
A singular story
18 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Light and dark, that's the cinema of David Lynch. Light for his legion of fans, who enjoy every gesture of the director; and darkness for all those looking for a conventional narrative cinema. This is everything we need to know about Lost Highway (and any movie) before seeing it: who is its director, and what he does.

Like any amateur movie buff, I had that stage where "the movie is good because it's so real." In the first class I had on Communication Aesthetics, D. Carlos Muguiro asked: "What is the real thing?" That's where everything I thought before went to hell; and thanks to that, for me Lynch is light. For that reason, I thank each and every one of the classes, films and essays that have made me able to enjoy Lost Highway the way I have.

Lost Highway shows us how narration (or lack of it) is capable of transmitting certain aspects and sensations, impossible to convey in any other way. However, this does not always imply that we are understanding them, since Lynch's cinema has always been characterized by having many hidden meanings that explain the narrative line. In the case of Lost Highway, Lynch is more interested in the why than the how of the murder. And if one investigates beyond the ultimate causes of why, of evil, one reaches abstraction. Evil as absolute irrationality and as a totalizing idea: it is something mythological, which appears to us in the earthly world as an abstraction. So in the final scene, Lynch is also not interested in how the chase ends; only evil and its representation.

Sometimes horror movies, sometimes erotic nightmare, Lost Highway is a film that seduces me from beginning to end. It makes that part of you that tries to find the meaning of things to fight with that other part, more pure and transcendent, that just lets itself go. And it is the conflict of life itself, of the nature of feelings; what Lynch does with his cinema. Only he is capable of making a film as unique and personal as Lost Highway, and only he can be able to make me feel the same with his viewing: something unique and personal.
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