The beauty of the spontaneous
18 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
E querré siempre tells us how an unhappy married couple travels to Naples in order to find the meaning of their relationship and their lives. However, there is something that makes this personal documentary timeless and distinctive; the way it was shot. Rossellini is a method filmmaker, and for this reason he puts expressiveness and emotion before the aesthetics of the shot itself; the well-developed story before the harmony of planes. For this reason, Rossellini made this film without a script, and he went to the set on the first day with only an idea. That is to say, I'll love you always is the exact product of improvisation and natural becoming of the performances of his characters. It's a totally new way of working that caused (and continues to cause) a sensation. Therefore, we say that the film is the documentary itself.

For this new way of working to be carried out, Rossellini needed a quality cast: Ingrid Bergman (Katherine) and George Sanders (Alex). Once the contracts were signed, Rossellini took them to Naples to shoot, hoping they would know what to do. The result is wonderful.

Furthermore, at Viaggio in Italia it is one of the best examples of Italian Neorealism: everything is filmed and the most emotionally charged shots are chosen, regardless of their composition. For this reason, in the film there are shots (specifically in the end) that we would now classify as "ugly" (you can see the shadow of the crane, the extras look at the camera ...). But Rossellini decides to include them, showing a preference for potential emotion (or simply the actress's performance), over anything else.

In spite of everything, Rossellini was criticized for the ending of the film, which many considered necessarily happy and implausible. Personally, I am one of those who always liked the end of I love you; It seemed like something that was destined to happen, the climax. Interestingly, the next day I found out that the film had been shot without a script. And, hey, how beautiful is spontaneous.
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