The Best Movie that I have ever seen
14 December 2020
Although this movie had created some controversy in the Muslim community, it is a pure description of the childhood of the greatest man in the world. I don't even realize how beautiful was his childhood. Sometimes I cry for his pain, sometimes cries for his loss, and sometimes cries for his joys. It is because I love him so much, that Is understandable, but I have never realized how he grows up before watching that movie.

Two Oscar winner A.R Rahman's masterpiece music is mind blowing. It will create goosebumps for sure. And the director Majid Majidi gives his best to create this masterpiece that I must say. Unfortunately, the second part will never come due to some controversy and ban issue. But I do believe that these types of movies will create awareness in the world and help everyone to realize how amazing the person he was and why he is the most popular and great man in the world. It will also help to engage Muslims to realize our prophet's life and teaching. To all the movie lovers, I will definitely recommend you to watch this beautiful movie and witness the childhood of the greatest man in the world.
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