Oh dear, oh dear....
26 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is terrible; a real dog, a real missed opportunity. Such a shame. It looks good - a lot of good special effects (very good zero Gravity, for example). But that's the only thing that saves this from a lower rating, and the rating is low enough!

As with many weak films, too many things just don't add up in The Midnight Sky. The chief problem here though is the story; it's pointless - it goes nowhere! It literally goes to the end of human kind....

It starts badly - and stays there. It's pace is glacial.

There are too many technical weaknesses. For one thing; there is no possibility whatsoever of there being an "undiscovered moon of Jupiter"; Galileo would turn in his grave. In space there is time lag in radio communications due to the vast distances - but there was no time lag! And why did the spacecraft suddenly push hugely off course? The laws of physics says that's impossible nonsense. And you don't get day and then night just above the Artic Circle; it's impossible! You get a very long day with twilight every 24hrs, then twilight then night with twilight every 24hrs, and that's the year!

Then there are the stupidities; going on a dangerous spacewalk in an area that the astronauts know is dangerous. You just wouldn't do that, and if you did you certainly wouldn't be singing "Sweet Caroline"! Nonsense.

And then there are the pointlessnesses; Why did everyone fly off to certain death at the beginning? And what about the entirely emotionless pregnacy in space??? That's nonsense as well. And the crashed aircraft with the survivor - what on earth was the point of that? I'm not even sure I saw the point of the spacecraft at all...?

But the central problem is the story. What is it about? Other reviewers have talked about positives; ecology, scientific knowledge. Yah - it might be, but it isn't. Those reviewers have invented stuff. They think we "haven't got it", but the truth is; they've "got" something that isn't there! It's all one giant "SO WHAT".

If this story is about anything at all it's about some kind of "saving". The Cloney character endeavours to "save" what's left of mankind even though for him all hope is gone. He does it by referrence to some kind of mystical (hardly hinted at) link to the daughter he never knew. I'm guessing here because it's all so vague and poorly constructed and only comes into "focus" in the last 10 minutes or so. But by then I was so bored that I just didn't care anymore.

Was this just one giant 2 hour hallucination? It's a possible explanation! I've wasted another 10 minutes of my life by writing about it too!
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