Raised by Wolves (2020– )
No, I don't think so...
14 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Raised by Wolves. Promising title - promising first couple of episodes. But then....

"Wolves" drifts and then drifts some more. The characters are bloody irritating - they keep making the same stupid mistakes AND they keep killing and damaging each other. Considering that life is supposed to be precious (and why we've decanted what's left of the human race to Kepler 22b 600 light years away), why the hell are these idiots still killing each other? It's not believable - I can't do it.

The kids die because they've eaten radioactive food produced on the planet. With that incredible technology wouldn't the Mother & Father figures have previously tested that food? Their primary mission is to keep humanity alive but they fail at that very basic level. It doesn't tie up - especially once they finally do test the food after 5 have died. Then there are the massive skeletons of snake-like creatures and the enormous holes. The androids have the sense of smell - but no kind of analytic sense. As a result they aren't able to put 2 and 2 together with the many other clues to see that there was once some sort of civilisation on Kepler 22b and some sort of disaster. We the viewer can see it - but for all their amazing programming and technology the Mother & Father androids; guardians entrusted with the protection of what's left of humanity can't see it. They don't see that evident danger. I know this is sci-fi - but that's not really on.

As it goes along, I find I don't care about the Religious Cult Vs Atheists stuff. It's rubbish. I know this is sci-fi - but I can't really bring myself to believe Homo Sapiens will wipe itself out over religious differences and destroy the Earth. Even if they did - would they really take their differences off in suitcases only to unpack them again 600 light years away and start shooting each other all over again? It's nonsense.

Returning to the character development. It's too patchy. We want to see characters developing individually and together. But they don't. The religious boy ends up shooting the woman pretending to be his mother and it was entirely predictable that he would pull the trigger because he has become as crazy as the man pretending to be his father. The character who could, and may yet still act as a moderator and leader - Campion, has not yet come through.

Behind all of this is a malevolent force which only shows itself fully in the last episode. It was so obvious that the creature growing inside Mother was not human, but boy - I so did not want to see that snake emerge from Mother in the series finale. That really annoyed me it was a carbon copy of Aliens. I DO NOT want to watch 5 seasons of Aliens!

And it IS going to turn out to be all about the snakes and the disaster that befell the previous (probably human) occupants of Kepler 22b repeating itself. It's nailed on. These snakes have some sort of preternatural essence. This "essence" has been lying inert for millennia waiting for an opportunity to rise again. All very Aliens. All very annoying. This "essence" has been manipulating things from the get-go - even influencing the androids, especially Mother. It doesn't come into focus until that snake appears.

Things had better change in Season 2 and quite quickly. DO I want to watch more Aliens? No, I don't think so...
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