19 January 2021
In a fascinating way, this movie draws the drama of people we live with and whose existence we don't care as much as acne on our face. It shows what can happen in the hands of man's cancer of capitalism. It tells how those who wear i love capitalism t-shirts on the streets of manhattan remember the mother of the world. The events develop in relationships peculiar to the west, fictionalized on a love in the eastern fairy tale.

How will history books tell today? Who will convey this indescribable cruelty and drama? How much will our contribution be in this demonization that will be experienced in the time of our grandchildren? What kind of a movie comes out of a person and a deep showdown with life? Questions in mind are the melodies coming out of a soft African throat, and the movie ends by questioning everything. Whatever is written on the images, whatever is called for his love will be incomplete for this production. "extreme socialization is the greatest cruelty of humanity to the individual." As he said, Kaczynski said that this determination he brought to modern leftism is beautiful, but what kind of definition should be given to the criminals who feel nothing despite all the suffering? Or which one is more acceptable between these two situations? It is a film that makes people leave everything aside and think about where and what size they are on the earth. One should even watch to see those who play with their life over bills. We must be a partner in African suffering, who will persecute ourselves.
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