First written review, this is an animated masterpeice.
20 January 2021
Out of all animated films I've seen, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind would easily be number one. The titular Princess Nausicaa, a young, brave, empathetic protector of her village in the valley, has to save her people from an attacking village and the toxified, deadly environment. Clearly, there are strong pro-environment and anti-war themes in this film, both of which are sentiments I can entirely get behind. It's an original, fantastical tale which manages to maintain the perfect balance between lighthearted, whimsical fun and the more serious, grounded storytelling, all the while keeping the pacing just right. Then, there is the animation, at 24 frames per second, and the art, which is so vivid and beautiful that it's hypnotic. On top of all of this, the raw creativity and passion poured into the landscapes and plants and items and creatures is evident, with the Sea of Decay harbouring some of the most creative fictional animals of all time, the Ohm being a prime example. The backgrounds and environments are entrancing, pulling you further into the film as a whole, helping you get lost in the world. Furthermore, the music adds a final layer to the film, perfectly reflecting the mood and story. Finally, Nausicaa herself is, in my opinion, the greatest film character of all time. She is kind to every living being, even giving second chances to those who have wronged her. She is understanding of the world around her, as she takes time to learn about it. She is peaceful, seeing the pure futility of fighting and war. Plus, the ending credits give a neat wrap up to the story, using only a small montage of the after story. Overall, it's a creative, immersive, inspirational film - Animation's Magnum Opus.
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