Charly (1968)
Heartbreaking with Top-Notch Performance
16 February 2021
The mentally disabled Charly (Cliff Robertson) is a sweet adult that works as janitor in a bakery and tries to learn how to read and write in a night school. His teacher, Mrs. Alice Kinnian (Claire Bloom), brings Charly to participate in an experiment in a clinic led by the surgeon Dr. Nemur (Leon Janney) and the psychologist Dr. Straus (Lilia Skala). Charly has to race through mazes with a mouse named Algernon that was submitted to a brain surgery and he always lose. But Mrs. Kinnian convinces Dr. Nemur to operate Charly that increases his intelligence to a genius. But soon he learns the effects of the experiment and questions the result.

"Charly" is a heartbreaking film with top-notch performance of Cliff Robertson. The plot is very well-constructed, showing the two worlds of Charly before and after the surgery. The conclusion is very sad. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Os Dois Mundos de Charly" ("The Two Worlds of Charly")
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