Charlie's Angels: Rosemary, for Remembrance (1979)
Season 3, Episode 21
A tragic story, with more depth than you'd expect
26 February 2021
Certainly not the standard Charlie's Angels fare. The Townsend agency is hired by a 1930's bootlegger who's just been released from prison, to look into the unsolved 1935 murder of his wife (to whom Kris bears an uncanny resemblance). As the investigation progresses, events of the present begin to mirror those of the past, leaving Kris in an increasingly dangerous position... This is a slower-paced episode than usual. There's no running around, and hardly any gun-play. It's all about the characters, and the legacy of tragic events long past. It evokes a fantastic sense of 30s nostalgia (that's on top of the 70s nostalgia experienced when watching the show now), and has a real bitter-sweet feeling throughout. There's a wonderful performance from Ramon Bieri as Jake the bootlegger, whilst Cheryl Ladd gets to show some real acting chops as Rosemary, Jake's dead wife. With beautiful direction by Ronald Austin (one of four episodes he directed overall) and writing by Lee Sheldon, this may just be the best of the whole run. 8.5/10
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