Bad, even for Seagal
27 February 2021
A very out of shape Steven Seagal shuffles his way through a movie where the plot is almost as indecipherable as most of his dialogue. Very quickly cut fight choreography tries to hide how un-nimble (if that's a word) the man is, but his slap-fu still looks like a pale imitation of that from his early films. Some very bad CGI. And there's a really creepy sex scene between Seagal and the lead actress's obvious body-double. She's naked; he (unsurprisingly) isn't. I'm all for separating art from the artist (I use both terms loosely here), but all I could think of as it played out was the 'casting couch' allegations against him a while back. It just looked... off. This apparently has an RT score of 0. I give it 2/10.
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