Cherry Bomb (2011)
Awful Low-Budget Film
14 March 2021
The stripper Cherry Bomb (Julin) is gang-raped by five clients in the VIP room of the night-club where she works. She is sent to the hospital where her estranged brother Brandon (John Gabriel Rodriquez) overhears her statement to a corrupt police detective. He decides to collect money from one of the assaulters, who is a drug-dealer, to pay the hospital bill of his sister but they have an argument and Brandon kills the drug dealer and his girlfriend. Cherry decides to revenge her assault and teams-up with her brother. Meanwhile the dangerous hit-man Bull (Allen Hackley) is hired to kill the siblings. Who hired Bull?

"Cherry Bomb" is one of the awfulness low-budget movie ever made. The plot of this terrible story is full of flaws and holes; weak actors and actresses; poor locations, lightning, make-up, effects etc. Now I understand the low-price of this Blu-ray. In the end, it is not worthwhile watching this film. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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