Great Russian-Belarusian War Movie
25 April 2021
"Brestskaya krepost", a.k.a. "Fortress of War", is a great Russian-Belarusian war movie based on a true story and told through the eyes of the fifteen year-old boy Sashka Akimov (Alyosha Kopashov), the only survivor of the German massacre in the invasion of Soviet Union in 1941.

The screenplay narrates through Sashka´s eyes the pacific lives of the dwellers at the Brest Fortress and the preoccupation of a Red Army officer with the imminent war against .Germany. On the next morning, the location is bombarded by the German artillery, killing soldiers and civilians in the beginning of days of terror and resistance of the Soviet soldiers and civilians under siege of the German forces.

"Brestskaya krepost" is a film to be seen and re-seen, with magnificent performances and heartbreaking story. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Resistência (2010)" ("The Resistance")
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