Enjoyable B flick
8 May 2021
'Quaint' British mystery, with Henry Kendall and (in her first starring role) Ida Lupino. When a young man on holiday finds a camera, he develops the negatives to try to identify the owner so he can return it. He discovers one of the pictures appears to show a murder; the others may be clues as to where it happened. After identifying a young woman in yet another picture, he and she go off on a search through the English countryside to try to trace her missing brother, whose camera she believes it is.

Henry Kendall is engaging as the slightly bumbling lead, and a young (25) John Mills is excellent as the brother. But the standout is Ida Lupino. Looking, acting, and clearly playing a woman in her 20's, I was amazed to find she was only 15 at the time (there's a brief scene of her in her underwear, which I'm sure would cause a lot of people to get their own underwear in a bunch these days). Her appearance, demeanour, and self-assurance, whilst playing opposite older and far more experienced performers is amazing.

It's very much a 'B-picture', but it's also very enjoyable. Well worth a look if you like lines like "I don't mean to be melodramatic, but those marks rather look like blood!" 7/10.
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