Crusade (1999)
Promising but Without Conclusion
16 May 2021
"Crusade" is a spin-off "Babylon 5" composed of thirteen episodes but without conclusion of the lead plot.

The plot is based on a virus released on Earth by the aliens Drakh that will decimate the global population in five years. Captain Matthew Gideon is assigned to command the starship Excalibur and search for the cure exploring the galaxy. Along his journey, he lives adventures with his crew in the outer space.

The lead characters are reasonable: Captain Matthew Gideon (Gary Cole) is the best and most interesting one. Lt. John Matheson (Daniel Dae Kim) is a telepath not allowed to use his abilities that are pointless. Max Eilerson (David Allen Brooks) is an annoying character. Galen (Peter Woodward) and Dureena Nafeel (Carrie Dobro) are promising and should be better developed. Dr. Sarah Chambers (Marjean Holden) is expressionless in an important role.

The special effects are poor, even for a 1998 TV Series, but it was worthwhile watching the DVD Box. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available.
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