Callan: Amos Green Must Live (1970)
Season 3, Episode 9
Interesting, and at the time topical, episode
27 May 2021
Hunter assigns Callan and Cross to safeguard a right-wing British politician (obviously based on Enoch Powell, and - amusingly - played by renowned 'leftie' Corin Redgrave) who holds controversial views on race, and who may become the target of an assassination attempt. With Cross as personal bodyguard, and Callan as coordinator/investigator/back-up, the plot takes a few twists and turns, before reaching its inevitable climax.

Edward Woodward, Patrick Mower and William Squire are always excellent as Callan, Cross and Hunter. Russell Hunter's 'Lonely' feels a bit extraneous here, but is watchable as ever, and Redgrave clearly has fun playing someone so opposite to himself. Solid support from Annette Crosbie and Stefan Kalipha rounds out the featured cast. Callan is a series that looks very dated now, but back in the day we were glued to it, and it still provides some great acting and great drama. 7/10.
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