Review of The Box

The Box (I) (2009)
Not at all what they say it is!
1 June 2021
Wow, I am just amazed by the score this movie has, lower than 6, really!?

The movie is amazing, I've read quite a few of the reviews, that say The Box is total trash, for no objective reason other than, the person writing the review either didn't get all the information not explicitly said, and only alluded to, or they just can't live with themselves not getting to see the bigger picture painted by these implications.

Forget about them, if you like good science fiction or a good thriller, or just a good mystery, this movie excellent.

The acting is really good, the score is amazing, the story is pretty wild , and the cinematography is up there with the rest.

I won't say much about the story because this movie, in my opinion is best experienced without any prior knowledge at all, I would recommend even not to watch the trailer.

If you're wondering whether it's worth watching because of the low rating, watch it! It'll be the best and most weird experience, probably ever for you, and at the end you'll be wondering why it has such a low score.
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