Twin Peaks (1990–1991)
Season one review
4 June 2021
I'm in the process of rewatching TP (and the movie TP: Fire Walk With Me), before launching into S3/The Return/Limited Event for the first time. Trying not to let nostalgia colour my thinking...

Pilot ~ 8/10

Season 1; Ep 1 ~ 8/10; Ep 2 ~ 8/10; Ep 3 ~ 7/10; Ep 4 ~ 7/10; Ep 5 ~ 8/10; Ep 6 ~ 8/10; Ep 7 ~ 8/10

Wow. As soon as that theme started I was right back there. Still has that wonderful feeling of 'high strangeness'. I love the cast. Even the few weaker members still work, just adding more to that 'soap opera' feeling. Beautiful locations. Some of the story elements aren't gripping me as much as they did (the sawmill arson plot?!). But it's holding up pretty well so far!

Overall, 7.5/10

Season 2 next. That's going to be interesting!
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