Love at Cedar Creek (2021 TV Movie)
Not even the Suspension of Disbelief makes this movie plausible.
17 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has more issues than Life Magazine and I'm not subscribing. I'm not a fussy movie watcher. I don't look for perfection. I can easily forgive the bad acting with the exception of P. Lynn Johnson who carried this movie and made it watchable. I don't mind the clichés and "aw shucks" moments. I can even look past the formulaic and predictable storylines. After all, it's the positivity, perseverance, and happy endings that we watch these movies for.

But this movie loses all of it free passes for some ridiculously unforgivable flaws. Ivy's transformation was so unrealistic that it would be easier to believe that Grimm's fairy tales are true stories. Quite frankly, Ivy's speech at the end was nauseating, convenient, wholly unbelievable, and the writers should be embarrassed!

And sweet as a cavity Allison is a hard-hitting reporter who writes articles worthy of the Pulitzer? Sorry. I'm not buying it.

Then you have Allison taking one picture at a farmer's market, posting it to social media in seconds, and less than one minute later it went viral and everyone show's up? Seriously? A farmer's market went viral because of a picture of a grandma and her adult grandson? LAZY writing and INSULTING to the viewer!

Speaking of insulting the viewer, there's another annoyance. Allison hold's a "Hoe Down" to save the ranch. About 12 people show up, half of them are kids, and the ranch is saved?! Or how about the fact that the only person we see who loved Annabelle's romance novel and got her autograph was a lone black man? That's not odd at all.

This Hallmark-wannabe movie fails miserably. Both stars from my rating belong strictly to P. Lynn Johnson who gave the only good performance in this movie.
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