Tales from the Hood 3 (2020 Video)
Four Scary Tales
17 June 2021
While escaping from an evil thing, an old man (Tony Todd) listens to four horror tales told by a young girl (Sage Arrindell).

1st "Ruby Gates") The landlord David Burr (London Brown) needs to evict his last tenant, the Bradford Family, from his apartment building to make lots of money in a profitable construction business. However, the family refuses to leave the place since their son is treating cancer in a hospital near to the building. David decides to hire a low life to burn down the Bradford apartment to get rid of the tenants, but things go wrong.

2nd "The Bunker") A racist man is alone in a bunker promoting a white supremacy, but something unexpected happens.

3rd "Operatic") The backing vocal Chela Simpson (Savannah Basley) has an argument with the lead singer and is fired. She meets the agent Park (Jaime M. Callica), who introduces her to the former opera singer Marie Benoit (Lynn Whitfield), who is a wealthy woman and needs a caregiver. When Park convinces Chela to kill Marie to use her money to promote her career, she learns dark secrets.

4th "Dope Kicks") A small time thief robs defenseless people to rob wallets, cellphones, and sneakers. When he accidentally kills a victim, his aunt conjures a curse that affects his life.

In general, the tales are predictable but entertains fans of horror movies. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Contos Macabros 3" ("Macabre Tales 3")
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