The worst of the hexalogy, but not as bad as people say.
19 June 2021
Watched as part of a Star Wars Marathon, hence the shorter review.

This film is very looked down upon when held against the rest of Star Wars, but I think it's better than people give credit for. It's an easygoing and fun experience, if not as strong in story. The set and environment design is stellar, no pun intended, and easily the highlight of the film. Character design and practical effects were very hit and miss, but the CGI was atrocious. It was worse than *that* fight scene in The Matrix: Reloaded. You know which one I mean. Jar Jar was annoying, but nowhere near as bad as people make him out to be. The acting was fairly mid-tier, but Ewan McGregor is always a win. Plus, every fight scene involving Darth Maul was just a blast to watch, and the fight choreography was fast paced and so so smooth. Bonus points for the iconically comical scene transitions. And, of course, I quoted the memes every time they came up. Overall, a fun, but fairly weak film.


--Admin-- Violence - A small amount of bloodless deaths.

Sex/Nudity - None Language - None.

Miscellaneous Themes - A few intense scenes.
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