A fantastic follow up to an okay movie.
19 June 2021
Watched as part of a Star Wars Marathon, hence the shorter review.

This took everything that was good about the first film and made it great, and it cut almost everything that was bad out. Set and especially environment designs were still phenomenal, scene transitions still slapped, fight choreography was still smooth, the memes were still fun to quote, and Ewan McGregor was still Ewan McGregor. Where this film changes most is in the story - it feels much more mature, and less like a kids film. The way it managed to create a creeping sense of dread, like something big is coming, was very impressive. Some scenes stood out as a stark contrast to the other films - a certain character's death being a highlight. Other moments, such as the Geonosian Arena battle were just pure cinematic entertainment. There was less Jar Jar too, for any Jar Jar haters. But the film still had some glaring negative points. Hayden Christensen's acting was horrific. The CGI was somehow worse than the first film's. The story, while entertaining, wasn't watertight. Yet, despite all this, it was a genuinely well made, engrossing experience.


--Admin-- Violence - Some deaths. A swift decapitation. An arm is cut off.

Sex/Nudity - None.

Language - None.

Miscellaneous Themes - A few intense scenes.
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