Review of Moondust

The Crown: Moondust (2019)
Season 3, Episode 7
A really well-done drama but....
20 July 2021
The writing, acting, directing and editing of this episode are superb, especially Tobias Menzies tremendous performance as Prince Phillip in a mid-life crisis. But....

I agree that it's disrespectful of the astronauts, who are portrayed as if they were teenagers from a frat house. Compare this Neil Armstrong to the one in the movie "First Man". And is it fair to expect them to be 'Gods' and to be disappointed when they aren't?

Does faith improve the moon's decor? It - and the universe - are what they are, regardless of what humans choose to believe.

I recall hearing that Prince Philip had been given a tour of NASA's facilities and got some bad publicity for asking what the point of the thing was. The trivia section informs us that basically none of this ever happened, save for the actual moon landing and that the prince actually showed no unusal interest in it. If that's true, how much trust do you have in the veracity of the rest of the series? Is every scene made up from whole cloth?
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