Started great! Now it's just irritating
5 October 2021
Keeping in mind this is a celebrity family, I take into account they're not grounded in the reality of real life. The first season made me love them though. I genuinely believe they're kind and lovely people, but the second season has become insufferable. Jack is GREAT but he talks too much, especially when he's explaining things. Then again, he kind of HAS to because Sharon, bless her heart, is a real ditz and not the sharpest crayon in the box. Ozzy can be funny but he's milked "ball lightning" and "double exposure" far too long. He (and the show) still think it's funny but it's just not. Sharon and Ozzy just don't take the show very seriously, making Jack's job harder and that's caused Jack to become annoyingly chatty as he tries to justify his beliefs. The thing that the show doesn't realize is that most of these clips are NOT new to the audience because they've been on the internet for years. But Sharon's ridiculous ways of thinking and Ozzy's impatient, boorish attitude have taken the fun out of watching.
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