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1. Amin Mao

Actress | Feng kuang ge nu

Mao is one of the most well-known singer in China whose first single was released in 1986. Her hot hits include "Ke Wang" (Desire) for the TV series Expectation (1990), "Nuo Yan" (Our Promise) for the TV series I Love My Family (1993) etc. Her voice also be soundtrack for many other television ...

2. Chen Yao

Actress | Song wo shang qing yun

Yao studied at Beijing Dancing Academy From 1993 to 1997, graduated from Beijing film academy in 2003. She played the lead in the play "An Lian Tao Hua Yuan" as Miss Yun during the period of school and was hired by Xi'an Film Studios. She started her performing career on TV through some sitcoms, ...

3. Huang Hung

Actress | Wu qiong dong

Ms. Hung Huang is one of the most famous media and celebrity who has a near fifteen years of working experience in United States and European countries. She played carried out planning, implementation and other services for some multi-national firms and played important role during industrial and ...

4. Shaohua Zhang

Actress | Chun ai

Zhang is a well-known Pingju opera actress. She had appeared at the same credits with Zhao Lirong in "Hua wei mei (Flowers are a matchmaker)", "Yang San-jie Gaozhuang (Miss Yang San-jie's Complain)" and other Pingju opera works. When she became more elderly, she spent much time on movies & ...

5. Yin Zhu

Actress | Mo dai huang hou

Zhu is one of the famous theater actress in China. She graduated from Nanjing Lu Xun Middle School in 1976, the next 20-year period, she was in Jiangsu People's Art Theater as a stage actress. She worked at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre since 1997. On the stages, she successfully created a lot of ...

5 names.

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