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1. Mena Massoud

Actor | Aladdin

Mena was born on September 17, 1991 in Cairo, Egypt & raised in Markham, Ontario, Canada. A graduate of Ryerson University's notable theater program, he got his first big break starring in ABC Spark & Teen Nick's mystery-drama television series "Open Heart" as "Jared Malik." Since then, he has ...

2. Amr Waked

Actor | Lucy

Amr Waked was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1972. He studied economics and theatre in the American University in Cairo. In his early experience as an actor Amr joined the Temple Theatre Troop in 1994, and Yaaru Theatre Troop in 1999, where he trained and developed his tools as a stage performer.

With his ...

3. Julian Fellowes

Writer | Gosford Park

Julian Fellowes was born on August 17, 1949 in Cairo, Egypt as Julian Alexander Fellowes. He is a writer and actor, known for Gosford Park (2001), Downton Abbey (2010) and From Time to Time (2009). He has been married to Emma Joy Kitchener-Fellowes since April 28, 1990. They have one child.

4. Atom Egoyan

Director | The Sweet Hereafter

Born in Egypt to Armenian parents, he was raised in Western Canada. Both his parents were painters, and he planned to be a playwright, but after making a short film, he became hooked on telling stories visually. Returned to ethnic "homeland" when he filmed Calendar (1993) in Armenia. Won attention ...

5. Ahmed Helmy

Actor | Aasef ala el-iz'ag

Ahmed Helmy made his first big screen appearance in film Aboud on the Boarder (1999), in which he co-starred alongside Alaa Waley El Din. Ahmed, through his amazing breakthrough performance, and comic sense of humor, nabbed all the attention he needed in this film. He quickly made a jump to ...

6. Nicola Pagett

Actress | An Awfully Big Adventure

Nicola Pagett was born on June 15, 1945 in Cairo, Egypt as Nicola Scott. She is an actress, known for An Awfully Big Adventure (1995), There's a Girl in My Soup (1970) and Wicked Women (1970). She was previously married to Graham Swannell.

7. Mido Hamada

Actor | American Sniper

Born in Egypt and raised in Germany, Hamada stumbled into acting following a sports injury which led him to study at the Oxford School of Drama in England where his love for the arts and theatre grew. He was cast in plays such as, Spinning Into Butter, Hamlet and Guantanamo at The West End and The ...

8. Adel Emam

Actor | Omaret yakobean

He is a graduate of the faculty of agriculture. He was more popular in theatres for his role in Madrasat Al Moshaghebin (School of Rascals). He became more famous in the 1970s for his comedic roles in Searching for a Scandal (1973) (Search for a scandal) and Khalli Balek min Aalak (Take care of your...

9. Nicholas Courtney

Actor | Doctor Who

Nicholas Courtney was born in Egypt, the son of a British diplomat. His early years were spent in Kenya and France and he was called up for National Service at the age of 18. After 18 months of duty in the British forces, Courtney joined the Webber Douglas drama school. He spent two years there and...

10. Jehane Noujaim

Producer | Control Room

Jehane Noujaim was born on May 17, 1974 in Cairo, Egypt. She is a producer and director, known for Control Room (2004), (2001) and The Square (2013).

11. Patricia Healy

Actress | The Bodyguard

Patricia Healy was born on February 21, 1959 in Cairo, Egypt. She is an actress, known for The Bodyguard (1992), Heat (1995) and Babylon 5 (1993). She has been married to Sergio Terrazas Torres since July 3, 2003.

12. Marwan Hamed

Director | Omaret yakobean

Marwan Hamed is a young Egyptian film director, He is the son of author Wahid Hamed and journalist Zeinab Sweidan. He was graduated from the higher institution of cinema in 1999. He has worked as a director assistant for The directors Samir Saif and Sherif Arafa. He Directed short films and one of ...

13. Ahmed Ezz

Actor | Welad Rizk 2

Ahmed Ezz had always dreamed of being a super star. As a fit and handsome young man, he soon attracted the attention of modeling companies. Ahmed thought this would open the doors to a cinema career, but soon discovered that modeling was not enough. Ahmed had graduated from the Faculty of Arts, ...

14. Dalida

Soundtrack | L'instinct de mort

Dalida was born on January 17, 1933 in Cairo, Egypt as Yolande Christina Gigliotti. She was married to Lucien Morisse. She died on May 3, 1987 in Paris, France.

15. Gamil Ratib

Actor | Lawrence of Arabia

He graduated from the School of French Law, and completed his university studies in France. The first movie appearance was in 1946 through the movie (I Am The East), and then returned to France again to continue the art work in the cinema, and then returned to Egypt again with the mid-seventies, ...

16. Menna Shalabi

Actress | Nawara

Menna was subjected to fame at young age through her sensational mother, the famous dancer 'Zizi Mustafa'. Making it in as an actress, though, was a dream she had and fought for on her own. Her first film was Al-saher (2001), directed by the late Radwan El-Kashef whom she considered her godfather. ...

17. Basma

Actress | Ouija

Basma was born on December 7, 1976 in Cairo, Egypt. She is an actress, known for Ouija (2006), Tyrant (2014) and Mako. She has been married to Amr Hamzawy since February 15, 2012.

18. Suad Husni

Actress | Hekayat Howa wa Heya

Souad Muhammad Kamal Hosny Al Baba was born on January 26th, 1942 in Ataba, Cairo, Egypt. She was the 10th sibling of 17 brothers and sisters. Husni was known as the "Cinderella" of Arab cinema and one of the most influential actresses in the Arabic art world. She ascended to stardom in the end of ...

19. Youssef El Sherif

Actor | Sons of Adam

Egyptian actor whose real name is Mohammed Ismail, was changed to the name to Youssef El Sherif in agreement with the director Sherif Sabri, when preparing for the film (7 cards), was born in Cairo, and graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Department of Mechanics Batch ...

20. Ahmed el-Sakka

Actor | El Gezira 2

Graduated from the Egyptian academy of arts and began his acting career immediately in Egyptian mini-series, and ended up co-starring in several of the most important series broadcast during the holy month Ramadan seasons.

Ahmed establish himself as a film star as early as 1998 when he co-starred in...

21. Gillian Hills

Actress | A Clockwork Orange

Gillian Hills was born on June 5, 1944 in Cairo, Egypt. She is an actress, known for A Clockwork Orange (1971), Blow-Up (1966) and Wild for Kicks (1960). She is married to Stewart Young.

22. C.S. Forester

Writer | The African Queen

'Cecil Scott Forester' was born on 27th August, 1899 in Cairo, Egypt. He was educated in England at Alleyn's School and Dulwich College, at neither of which, he said, he made any particular impression except as an extremely naughty boy. He left Dulwich College and attempted to take up medicine but ...

23. Asser Yassin

Actor | Rassayel el bahr

With a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo Asser chose to follow his true calling and passion and pursue a career in acting. Mere serendipity revealed his talent and infatuation for acting when he was casted for a university play to replace an actor and so it all ...

24. Amir Karara

Actor | Kalabsh

Egyptian actor and announcer and graduate of the Faculty of "Tourism and Hotels", he participated in the basic national team of volleyball. His artistic debut was in the field of advertising, when discovered by (Tarek Nour), to reap later fame when he presented the program (Star Maker) in 2002,Then...

25. Youssra

Actress | Al assifa

Youssra was born on March 10, 1951 in Cairo, Egypt as Suhair Mohamed Nasim. She is an actress, known for The Storm (2000), Love Talk (2005) and The Emigrant (1994). She is married to Khaled Selim.

26. Tamer Hosny

Actor | The Money

Tamer Hosny is a pop singer, actor, composer, lyricist, director, producer and novelist. His artistic career began in2002. Extensive enthusiasm, hard work, and passion in terms of music and acting made him within 5 years the most promising celebrity/singer in the Middle East &Africa. That's why he ...

27. Yehia El-Fakharany

Actor | Opera Ayda

Yehia El-Fakharany was born on April 7, 1945 in Cairo, Egypt as Mohamed Yehia El-Fakharany. He is an actor and producer, known for Opera Ayda (2000), Awdat mowatin (1986) and Ana Wenty Wa Sa'at Alsafar (1988). He is married to Lamis Gaber. They have two children.

28. Ahmed Fahmy

Writer | Keda Reda

Ahmed Fahmy was born on November 6, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt. He is an actor and writer, known for Can't Complain (2007), Fasel W Na'oud (2011) and H Dabor (2008). He has been married to Hana El Zahed since 2019. He was previously married to Minna Hussain Fahmi.

29. Hanan Turk

Actress | Dunia

One of Egypt's most talented actresses. With her expressive brown eyes, lustrous dark hair and flawless olive skin, the ballet dancer, and actress burst onto the scene in 1991, making her mark on the Egyptian Actresses list and audiences as well.

She co-stars with Nadia El Gendyand Mahmoud Hemida in ...

30. Alexander D'Arcy

Actor | The Awful Truth

Alexander D'Arcy was born on August 10, 1908 in Cairo, Egypt as Alexander Sarruf. He was an actor, known for The Awful Truth (1937), Horrors of Spider Island (1960) and Man on a Tightrope (1953). He was married to Arleen Whelan. He died on April 20, 1996 in West Hollywood, California, USA.

31. Stephanie Nur

Actress | Risse im Beton

The daughter of an Austrian diplomat and a Syrian painter, she and her family relocated to a different country every 3 years. She has lived in Egypt, Romania, Italy, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Jordan and Austria, and speaks fluent Arabic, German, Italian and English. Her command of Arabic is so that she ...

32. Farid Shawqi

Actor | Cemile

Farid Shawqi was born on July 3, 1920 in Cairo, Egypt. He was an actor and writer, known for Cemile (1968), The Tough (1957) and The Spy (1965). He was married to Soheir Turk, Huda Sultan, Saneya Shawky and Zynab Abdel Hady. He died on July 27, 1998 in Cairo.

33. Maged El-Kidwani

Actor | 678

Maged El-Kidwani was born on December 10, 1967 in Shobra, Cairo, Egypt as Maged Nabil El Kedwany. He is an actor, known for 678 (2010), Saa'a wi Nos (2012) and Hepta: The Last Lecture (2016).

34. Khaled Saleh

Actor | Tito

Khaled Saleh was born on January 23, 1964 in Cairo, Egypt. He was an actor, known for Tito (2004), The Best of Times (2004) and Chaos, This Is (2007). He died on September 25, 2014 in Cairo.

35. Christine Solomon

The Score

Christine Solomon is a Canadian actress. She began her career in the entertainment industry at the tender age of five years old performing plays on stage. The trained theatre actress worked in a wide range of Canadian, American and international productions.

Christine Solomon's charismatic ...

36. Karim Kassem

Actor | The State

Karim Kassem is a professional Egyptian actor. Discovered in 2006, he had his cinematic breakthrough in the teen film Awqat Faragh.

Karim Kassem graduated from the The American University in Cairo, where he majored in theater and acted in many of the university's plays. He is trilingual in Arabic, ...

37. Ahmad Mazhar

Actor | El Naser Salah el Dine

Ahmad Mazhar was born on October 8, 1917 in Cairo, Egypt as Ahmed Hafez Mazhar. He was an actor and writer, known for Saladin (1963), Noufouss haira (1968) and The Dim Light (1961). He was married to Dodi. He died on May 8, 2002 in Cairo.

38. Nadin Rizk

Actress | Diggstown

Nadin Rizk is an Egyptian-Canadian actress known for Diggstown (2019), Salmon Pink (2019), and Fog Light (2018). She was born in Cairo, Egypt and immigrated to Canada with her family at the age of 4. She was enrolled in the prestigious Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto and ...

39. Sherif Mounir

Actor | Sahar el layaly

Sherif Mounir was born on May 14, 1959 in Cairo, Egypt as Shefir Ahmed Mounir. He is an actor, known for Sleepless Nights (2003), Escaping Tel Aviv (2009) and Cut and Paste (2006).

40. Asaad Kelada

Director | Who's the Boss?

Asaad Kelada was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is a director and producer, known for Who's the Boss? (1984), Married People (1990) and Frannie's Turn (1992).

41. Simone Silva

Soundtrack | The Gelignite Gang

Simone Silva was born to French-Italian parents in Cairo as Simone de Bouillard. She was known mainly in England, where the great majority of her films were produced, as an actress of B-movies, who usually played supporting roles and bit parts.This mostly forgotten actress in some ways was more ...

42. Huda El Mufti

Actress | High School Girls

Huda El Mufti is a prominent Egyptian actress with an extensive repertoire as a model and fashion blogger. She rose to fame after starring in Haza Al Masaa (This Evening) by Tamer Mohsen in Ramadan 2017. Her spontaneity as an actress drew the attention of the audiences and filmmakers alike, which ...

43. Layla Olwi

Actress | Hob el banat

Layla Olwi was born on January 4, 1962 in Cairo, Egypt as Laila Ahmed Eloui. She is an actress, known for Girl's Love (2003), I Love Cinema (2004) and Kalil Mina Al-Hob Kathir Mina Al-Unf (1995). She was previously married to Mansour Aljammal.

44. Hala Sheha

Actress | Leh khaletny ahebak

Hala Sheha was born in 1979 in Cairo, Egypt. She is an actress, known for Leh khaletny ahebak (2000), Elsellem wel te'ban (2001) and Sehr El Oyoun (2002).

45. Mahmoud Al Meleji

Actor | Ghazal al-banat

Mahmoud Al Meleji was born on December 22, 1910 in Cairo, Egypt. He was an actor and writer, known for The Flirtation of Girls (1949), The Count of Monte Cristo (1950) and The Tough (1957). He was married to Alwiya Gamil. He died on June 6, 1983 in Cairo.

46. Hana El Zahed

Actress | Khetet Jimmy

Hana El Zahed was born on January 5, 1994 in Cairo, Egypt. She is an actress, known for Jimm's Plan (2014), Sons of Adam (2018) (2018) and Love Story (2019). She has been married to Ahmed Fahmy since 2019.

47. René Assa

Actor | Deep Cover

René Assa was born on November 15, 1944 in Cairo, Egypt. He was an actor, known for Deep Cover (1992), Baywatch (1989) and DEA (1990). He died on March 10, 2002 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

48. Essad Youniss

Actress | El Wad Sayed El Nassab

Essad Youniss was born on April 12, 1950 in Cairo, Egypt. She is an actress and producer, known for El Wad Sayed El Nassab (1990), The Begger (1983) and El-Magnouna (1985).

49. Hasan Husni

Actor | El basha telmiz

Hasan Husni was born on June 19, 1936 in Cairo, Egypt. He was an actor, known for The Student Cop (2004), Afarit el-asphalt (1996) and Al Batal (1997). He was married to Magda. He died on May 30, 2020 in Cairo.

50. Marika Rökk

Actress | Kind der Donau

Marika Rokk was born in Cairo on the 3rd of November 1913. As a child she moved to Hungary. In Paris at the Moulin Rouge she started her career as a dancer, soon moving on to Broadway New York City, USA.

She made her first films Why Sailors Leave Home (1930) in London, & also Kiss Me Sergeant (1930)...

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