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1. Jose Pablo Cantillo

Actor | Crank

Jose Pablo Cantillo was born on March 30, 1979 in Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Crank (2006), Disturbia (2007) and Crank: High Voltage (2009).

2. Andrew Napier

Producer | Mad As Hell

Andrew Napier is a renowned metal sculpture artist and painter who, on the side, dabbles as an aspiring filmmaker. Errr, we may have that backwards, but who really knows? What we do know is the ever-elusive Andrew (who is on instagram, twitter and facebook) was born and raised in Wisconsin and ...

3. Justin Smith

Actor | Fear Ever After

Justin Smith was born Justin David Smith in the small town of Marshfield, Wisconsin to Jeff and Tracy Smith. His dad is the founder, CEO, and President of a building service contracting firm. His mom is a home worker and is on the board of directors of an unmarried mothers' shelter. He has one ...

4. Alicia Cole Heinrich

Producer | Hush Money

Alicia Cole Heinrich grew up in a small town called Loyal, WI. She claims it all started with her dad and his 1979 1014XL-S Canon video camera, one of the first consumer cameras with sound. Since out of high school she worked for a non-profit and learned video techniques and recording, creating ...

5. Mark Tauscher

Self | The NFL on CBS

Mark Tauscher was born on June 17, 1977 in Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA as Mark Gerald Tauscher.

6. Ryan Goessl

Actor | How I Met Your Mother

Dr. Ryan Goessl holds degrees from Luther College (Bachelor of Arts), the University of Southern California (Master of Music) and Hansei University (Doctor of Musical Arts) . He is an established choral and orchestral conductor in Seoul, South Korea, and is the founder and director of the Camarata ...

7. Jaime Adler

Costume Department | The Thirst: Blood War

Originally planned to pursue veterinary medicine.

7 names.

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