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1. Kenneth Connor

Actor | Carry on England

The son of a naval officer who ran what were called "concert parties", Kenneth Connor made his stage debut at age two, and by 11 was performing in both a solo act and a doubles act with his brother in various revue shows. He later decided to become a serious actor rather than just a revue performer...

2. Charles Simon

Actor | Topsy-Turvy

Charles Simon was born on February 4, 1909 in Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England as Charles Henry Simon. He was an actor, known for Topsy-Turvy (1999), 102 Dalmatians (2000) and The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997). He was married to Sheila Eves and Nancy McDermid. He died on May ...

3. Leslie Henson

Actor | Tons of Money

Leslie Henson, comedian born in London in 1891. Famous for his bulging eyes, malleable face and raspy voice. He studied with 'the Cairns James School of Musical and Dramatic Art as a child, he was writing and producing theatrical pieces while still at school. Became popular in Music Hall from 1910,...

4. W.S. Gilbert

Soundtrack | Star Trek: Insurrection

William Schwenck Gilbert was born in London on November 18, 1836, to William Gilbert, a retired naval surgeon, and his wife Anne. The Gilberts would add three younger girls to the brood: Jane, Maud and Florence. His parents were cold and distant, with prickly characters. Stern and unyielding, they ...

5. Desmond Rayner

Actor | Hancock's Half Hour

Desmond Rayner was born on October 31, 1928 in Hackney, London, England as Desmond Hyams Rayner. He was an actor, known for Hancock's Half Hour (1956), Screen One (1985) and The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (1956). He was married to Claire Rayner. He died on April 20, 2014 in Harrow, Middlesex, ...

6. Evelyn Hall

Actress | Captain of the Guard

Evelyn Hall was born on December 24, 1884 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England as Florence Evelyn Constance Hall. She was an actress, known for Captain of the Guard (1930), The Divine Lady (1928) and The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (1930). She was married to Claude King and Harry Douglas Greet (actor, ...

7. Will Corrie

Actor | Hard Times

Will Corrie was born on January 14, 1867 in Grimsby, Humberside, England as William Ernest Hetling Corri. He was an actor, known for Hard Times (1915), Dombey and Son (1919) and Tom Jones (1917). He died in 1950 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

8. Peter Sinclair

Actor | Cross Channel

Peter Sinclair was born on May 31, 1900 in Kirkintilloch, Scotland. He was an actor, known for Cross Channel (1955), The Man from Morocco (1945) and Invasion (1965). He died in 1994 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

9. Sebastian Smith

Actor | Tilly of Bloomsbury

Sebastian Smith from Southwell, Nottinghamshire, became a well-known star of many comedy and drama shows all over Britain in the late Victorian years before meeting pioneering film-maker Cecil Hepworth. Hepworth cast the handsome tall dark Smith in many of his films, often as a smart gentleman hero...

10. Roy Hines

Actor | Champion Road

Roy Hines was born on February 16, 1942 in Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England as Roy William James Hines. He was an actor, known for Champion Road (1958), The Silver Sword (1957) and BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950). He died on August 20, 1982 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

11. Harry Webster

Actor | Far and Away

Harry Webster was born on February 19, 1915 in Dublin, Ireland. He was an actor and assistant director, known for Far and Away (1992), Paper Mask (1990) and Tales of the Unexpected (1979). He died on December 26, 1999 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

12. June Rodney

Actress | Assassin for Hire

June Rodney was born on January 26, 1931 in Stoke Newington, London, England as June Patricia Rodrigues. She was an actress, known for Assassin for Hire (1951), BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950) and The Errol Flynn Theatre (1956). She died on November 27, 1993 in Harrow Weald, Middlesex, England.

13. Kate Douglas Wiggin

Writer | Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Father: Robert Nash Smith; Mother: Helen Elisabeth Dyre.

14. Charles Gilliard

Actor | Six Days of Justice

Charles Gilliard was born on February 5, 1915 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England as Charles Francis Harold Gilliard. He was an actor, known for Six Days of Justice (1972), BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950) and Moody and Pegg (1974). He died in 1993 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

16. Peggy Novak

Actress | South Riding

Peggy Novak was born on May 13, 1915 in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England as Peggy Eileen Murphy. She was an actress, known for South Riding (1938), Women Aren't Angels (1943) and Stardust (1938). She was married to Robert Arthur Smith. She died on August 13, 1969 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

17. Ernest Walter


Ernest Walter was born on November 29, 1919 in Cardiff, Wales as Ernest Henry Walter. He is known for his work on Superman (1978), The Haunting (1963) and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970). He died on December 14, 1999 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

18. Frank Pettitt

Actor | Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Frank Pettitt was born on October 16, 1899 in Bucklow, Cheshire, England as Frank Milne Pettitt. He was an actor, known for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960), Cards with Uncle Tom (1959) and Shooting Star (1949). He died on March 27, 1964 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

20. John Gallant

Actor | Flash Gordon

John Gallant was born in 1930 in Paddington, London, England as John Bernard Gallant. He is known for his work on Flash Gordon (1980), Mitch (1984) and The Benny Hill Show (1969). He died on August 3, 2009 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

21. Mildred Mayne

Actress | The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Mildred Mayne was born on July 4, 1935 in Cork, County Cork, Ireland as Mildred Ann Mayne. She was an actress, known for The Diary of Samuel Pepys (1958), Take Me Over (1963) and Aladdin (1957). She died on November 14, 2016 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

23. Norman G. Arnold

Art Director | After the Verdict

Brother of art director C. Wilfred Arnold.

24. Ena Moon

Actress | My Friend Charles

Ena Moon was born on September 3, 1910 in Saltash, Cornwall, England as Ena Victoria Moon. She was an actress, known for My Friend Charles (1956), The River House Mystery (1935) and To Be a Lady (1934). She was married to Antony Oakley. She died on April 11, 1990 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

25. Kathleen Joyce

Actress | The Ringer

Kathleen Joyce was born on September 7, 1907 in Streatham, London, England as Kathleen Joyce Bolton Milne. She was an actress, known for The Gaunt Stranger (1931), A Spot of Bother (1938) and The Spare Room (1932). She died on November 1, 1979 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

26. Barry Kennington

Actor | Life with Cooper

Barry Kennington was born on March 2, 1926 in Lambeth, London, England as Alfred Edward Grummett. He was an actor, known for Life with Cooper (1966) and ITV Play of the Week (1955). He was married to Lyn Kennington. He died on September 17, 1995 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

27. Sydney Streeter

Assistant Director | The Red Shoes

Sydney Streeter was born on December 10, 1910 in Falmouth, Cornwall, England as Sydney Stanley Streeter. He was a production manager and producer, known for The Red Shoes (1948), Night Ambush (1957) and Pursuit of the Graf Spee (1956). He died in December 1989 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

28. Ryan O'Donnell

Actor | Grange Hill

Ryan Arron Luke O'Donnell was an inspiring actor, so he began to attend The Sharon Harris Agency Wembley, Middlesex, at age 14. He gained the speaking character part of Gregory in Grange Hill where he acted in 1998 Episode 21 and was further written in again as Gregory in a further story line. He ...

29. T.C. Leybourne

Actor | Puck of Pook's Hill

T.C. Leybourne was born on July 11, 1889 in Crawley, Sussex, England as Thomas Claude Leybourne. He was an actor, known for Puck of Pook's Hill (1951). He died in 1972 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

30. Golda Broderick

Actress | Jane Eyre

Golda Broderick was born on April 24, 1919 in Swansea, Wales as Golda Avril Horton. She was an actress, known for Jane Eyre (1996) and Under the Spotlight (2006). She died on January 25, 2006 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

31. Joseph Chelton

Actor | Midnight Episode

Joseph Chelton was born on December 22, 1915 in St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands as Joseph Alexander Anthony Chodzko. He is known for his work on Midnight Episode (1950), BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950) and Heidi Grows Up (1954). He died on April 18, 2000 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

32. Kendrew Milson

Actor | The Warden

Kendrew Milson was born on December 16, 1882 in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, England as William Henry Milson. He was an actor, known for The Warden (1951), BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950) and The Director (1949). He died in 1955 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

33. Jack Yorke

Actor | Electrocord Films

Jack Yorke was born on July 16, 1900 in Whitechapel, London, England as Jack Danziger. He was an actor, known for Electrocord Films (1929). He died on January 31, 1976 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

34. Lorna Tarbat

Actress | Headline

Lorna Tarbat was born in 1916 in Kolkata, India as Lorna Kate Tarbat. She was an actress, known for Headline (1943) and Cabaret Cartoons (1936). She was married to William Bayne MacGregor, Edward Graham and Kenneth Tuckfield. She died on April 6, 1961 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

35. Bretton Byrd

Music Department | Evergreen

British composer and musical director. He initially worked in the theatre as a pianist and conductor before joining British-Gaumont (as composer, conductor, orchestrator) in 1930.

36. Barbara Firth

Art Department | Tweenies

37. E.L. Frewen

Actor | When Knights Were Bold

E.L. Frewen was born on October 3, 1877 in Rye, Sussex, England as Edward Laton Frewen. He was an actor, known for When Knights Were Bold (1929), My Lord Conceit (1921) and Adventures of Captain Kettle (1922). He died in May 1941 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

38. Daphne Grey

Actress | The Duchess of Seven Dials

Daphne Grey was born on April 6, 1894 in Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire, England as Dorothy Nettleton. She was an actress, known for The Duchess of Seven Dials (1920) and The Little Welsh Girl (1920). She died in 1986 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

39. Paulette del Baye

Actress | Greatheart

Paulette del Baye was born in 1877 in Cuba as Catalina Francisca Paulina Batalla. She was an actress, known for Greatheart (1921), The Fruitful Vine (1921) and The Woman with the Fan (1921). She died on May 23, 1945 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

40. Hal Charlton

Actor | Sagacity Versus Crime

Hal Charlton was born on September 9, 1884 in New Malden, Surrey, England as Harold George Whitbread. He was an actor, known for Sagacity Versus Crime (1913), Jobson's Luck (1913) and The Sanctimonious Spinsters' Society (1913). He died in 1954 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

41. Kathleen Vaughan

Actress | The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick

Kathleen Vaughan was born on January 4, 1904 in Brighton, East Sussex, England as Kathleen Muriel Henry. She was an actress and producer, known for The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick (1921), Don Juan (1922) and The Last Hour (1930). She died in 1956 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

42. Peggy Crawford

Actress | Murder at the Cabaret

Peggy Crawford was born on October 9, 1908 in Islington, London, England as Florence Louise Amelia Crawford. She was an actress, known for Murder at the Cabaret (1936). She was married to Cyril Marcus Leuw and Kennedy Russell. She died on October 16, 1995 in Harrow, Middlesex, England.

42 names.

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