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Jerry and the Outlaws (1917)

Jerry and the Outlaws (1917)

Comedy | Short

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Jerry from the top of a tree is making love to his girl at the window opposite. A policeman interferes and is put to sleep when Jerry falls on him. Jerry appropriates his clothes and enters his girl's home, arrests her father, who has been peppering him with a gun, and has him sent to the police station. Jerry gets his autoped and starts with the daughter for a ride. In the country they are discovered by Bad Bill and his outlaws. They take Jerry and the girl to a cabin where a fight ensues as to who shall have possession of the girl. It is finally decided that the bandits shall draw cards. Jerry objects and is locked in the attic. He escapes by climbing down the wall. Entering the cabin, he crawls along the floor, frisks the bandits' guns from their holsters and makes the bandits back against the door. Meanwhile the policeman has recovered consciousness and with his brother officers starts on Jerry's trail. They arrive at the cabin as Jerry is about to flee. The girl's father has also been released and comes upon the scene in a motor car. A melee follows, but Jerry escapes with the girl and jumping into father's car compels the chauffeur to depart. Father and the police follow in the police motor patrol. Divining the route Jerry will take, the police use a short cut. The machines collide at a fork in the road, with a loud report, followed by splinters and debris flying high in the air. Jerry wakes, having fallen off the park bench which he was using for a bed. Finding himself intact he lies down again, covers himself with paper and is soon fast asleep.
Milton J. Fahrney
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