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Pie, Tramp and the Bulldog (1901)

Pie, Tramp and the Bulldog (1901)

Comedy | Short

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This we believe to be one of the funniest pictures ever put on exhibition. It has had a run of five weeks at Proctor's New York Vaudeville Theatres and the audiences never seemed to tire of it. The backyard of a country villa is where the comedy is enacted. The cook is just placing a pie on a shelf outside the kitchen window. The tramp appears and spies the pie, and also the dog house, out of which a pug nose and a pair of suspicious eyes gaze at him. There is then a hard tussel between tramp and bulldog which ends in the tramp and the dog falling from the stilts to the ground, the dog relieving Willy of his clothes, rather, rags all the time. The tramp finally manages to get upon his feet and makes off with the dog hanging to what is left of his trousers.
Edwin S. Porter
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