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Leftover Voices (2005)

Leftover Voices (2005)

  -   Drama

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Celia is a painfully shy, highly creative woman who has isolated herself from the outside world. Even as a young adult, Celia has never had a best friend and has no clue what steps to take to find one. Resigned to her isolation, Celia turns to her fantasy life and creates her own world filled with friends, a step which frightens her protective Grandmother. Before Celia can get comfortable in the fantasy, she discovers her co-worker, Josh, is having a similar problem trying to ask a woman out on a date. Through Josh and Alison's interactions Celia discovers she is not as alien as she believed and with a little push from Granny, discovers her ability to conquer the fears that have kept her at arm's length from the world.
Shayna Connelly
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