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Line Tootegi (2012)

Line Tootegi (2012)

  -   Short | Drama

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A father and his son come to a railway station in middle of the night to get a railway reservation. The father is a little worried about his son's future and he wants him to get married. The son though wants his time, he wants the father to let the siblings get married first. The father keeps trying and the son gets agitated. There is a awkward silence between them. the line keeps forming till the morning and then the line breaks to havoc. The father and son work as a team now, covering each other. The son manages to let his father get through the gate safely. The moment ends with this new leaf of companionship between them. Perhaps now the son could address his father well about his feelings, they had a good combination winning a Tatkaal Raiway Ticket.
Sachin Verma
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