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Nina secures a position with a theatrical company through Paul's influence. The two fall in love and become engaged. Paul is stricken with an illness which necessitates expensive treatment. Nina learns that $1,000 is offered to the person who will submit to an experimental operation which may mean permanent disfigurement. To save Paul's life, his sweetheart takes up the offer. Brent, the surgeon who performs the operation, falls in love with Nina. To part the lovers, he informs Paul, who later calls to inquire about Nina, that she has lost her beauty forever. Brent also intercepts Paul's letters, causing the girl to believe that he no longer loves her. When Nina recovers, she finds that her beauty is unmarred. Brent asks her to be his wife. Impelled by gratitude, Nina marries him. Later, the doctor resigns from the hospital staff and engrosses himself in experimental work. He utterly neglects Nina. Brent's conduct finally becomes such that his wife leaves him and returns to the stage. ...

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