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  • A Parisian sewer worker longs for a rise in status and a beautiful wife. He rescues a girl from the police, lives with her in a barren flat on the seventh floor, and then marches away to war.


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  • Pre-WWI Paris, France, Chico is lowly sewer worker and self-proclaimed atheist because his prayers were not answered, however after saving a young woman's life and following a dare, his prayers of a better job and a good wife are answered. He is skeptical though and continues to do the right thing and wonders why. The young woman had been forced to work for her mean sister as a prostitute in a small tavern until she threw wine at a client. When the client threatens to have the police close the tavern, her sister beats her all the way out to the street, this is when Chico steps in to save her not only from her sister but also from the police. He claims that she is his wife. Several colorful characters interact with Chico and his "wife" as they pretend to be married while they wait for the police to verify their claim. They celebrate Chico's new job and good fortune. You may guess that they fall in love while pretending and you are right. One dress, three plates, simple food and a bucket of water may help you count your blessings, but to them, they are in heaven and since their one room apartment is on the 7th floor of a rickety building, "Seventh Heaven". The police come while Chico is at work and Deann passes the test. She should leave, but is falling in love with Chico. A neighbor convinces her that she is not being truthful and should leave, so she does. Chico returns home to find an empty house and frantically searches for DeeAnn. He finds her in a cafe and rescues her again. Just as they realize their love and good fortune, a war breaks out and several neighbors are called to serve. Chico avoids the draft and proposes to DeeAnn by giving her a new dress. They arrange to be married, but end up performing their own ceremony quickly after a nosy neighbor delivers his delayed draft notice. The "very remarkable fellow" and his new wife create a chant to be said daily at 11 o'clock to keep them together spiritually while he is away at war: "Chico-Deann-Heaven". As soon as Chico departs, the evil sister returns to claim DeeAnn and force her come back to work, but Chico taught DeeAnn to be brave and strong enough to defend herself. DeeAnn keeps busy as a volunteer at the military hospital until one day, more than four years later, she senses that Chico's chant is missing. Sure enough he was mortally wounded and gives his wedding "medallion" to a priest to give to his wife. Once the war is over, a reunion of neighbors takes place at Chico's neighbor's apartment. DeeAnn remains optimistic feeling that his messages have returned and is awaiting Chico's return. A former patient from the hospital arrives to inform DeeAnn that her husband has been listed as a casualty. She denies the news and requests confirmation from the neighbor and local priest who gives her the medallion and bad news of his death. As the former patient returns to comfort DeeAnn and take her to his home, she continues to claim that Chico is alive. The war is over!! A celebration crowds the streets as DeeAnn runs back to her heaven apartment to find her Chico alive, but blind. (DeeAnn is spelled Diane in the credits, but sounds like Dee-Ann.)

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