Law of the Pampas (1939) Poster


Murder below the Equator...and Hopalong races to action in the heart of the wild Pampas country!
HOPPY HITS THE ARGENTINE (original ad - all caps)
It's a test of blazing guns...under a blazing sun!
"YOU DON'T SAVVY MY LANGUAGE...but you'll understand my six-gun!: (original poster)
CASSIDY THRILLS South of the Equator! Hopalong hears the call to action 3,000 miles away ....
CASSIDY THRILLS...South of the Equator!
'HOPALONG' CROSSES GUNS with the Terror of the Pampas!
Cassidy fights the Pampas rustlers...and beats them with their own weapons!
ROUNDUP OF CASSIDY THRILLS when "Hopalong" plants justice 3,000 miles from home!
Throbbing six-gun action of "Hopalong" Cassidy brand...as the boys of the Bar 20 lay down the law of the Pampas on the world's last frontier!
CASSIDY THRILLS...South of the Equator! TWO-GUN, TWO-FISTED THRILLS! "Hoppy" goes to South America to deliver a herd of cattle...and steps in to teach Bar 20 range law to a gang of rustling hombres!

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