The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941) Poster

Bette Davis: Joan Winfield



  • Joan Winfield : Don't you get lonesome being here all alone?

    Pop Tolliver : No, I like people. Not seeing many of 'em keeps me liking 'em.

  • Pop Tolliver : What do you want with your eggs, bacon or ham?

    Steve Collins : Bacon.

    Joan Winfield : Ham.

    Pop Tolliver : Okay, you'll both get bacon because I don't feel like cutting into a new ham.

  • Joan Winfield : [after kissing Steve]  Mustard!

  • Pop Tolliver : How do you want your eggs, up or over?

    Steve Collins : Up.

    Joan Winfield : Over.

    Pop Tolliver : Okay, I'll make them all up so we don't get confused.

  • Tommy Keenan : Do you mind if I drink that champagne? I've got to take a pill.

    Joan Winfield : Do you feel poorly, Mr. Keenan?

    Tommy Keenan : Not yet, but I expect to in 39 minutes.

  • Joan Winfield : [singsong]  I'm not going anywhere with you!

    Steve Collins : Oh yes you are!

    Joan Winfield : No I'm not I'm not I'm nooooot.

    Steve Collins : Then Stevie will just have to come in and taaaake you!

  • Joan Winfield : [pushes the dresser against the door to keep Steve out, he climbs in the window behind her, singsong]  I'd like to see I'd like to see you taaaaaake me!

    Steve Collins : [mocking singsong voice]  Anything to oblige, anything to oblige, anything to oblige a laaaaady!

  • Joan Winfield : You're not even good enough for the cuss words I know. - 00:22:54

  • 3rd Reporter : This morning Joan was married to Steve Collins, the pilot who abducted her. The newlyweds confided in me that they are going to South America on their honeymoon. They are probably flying over Rio De Janiero now, where beneath the unbelievably blue sky, with the strumming of guitars...

    [voice fades out under Steve's voice] 

    Steve Collins : Oh Peetah?

    Lucius K. Winfield : Yes son?

    Steve Collins : A hundred and eighteen pounds.

    Joan Winfield : Oh, a hundred and ten!

    Steve Collins : A hundred and eighteen, and at ten dollars a pound, that's eleven-hundred eighty ya owe me.

    Lucius K. Winfield : Ok son.

    [Lucius and Pop laugh] 

    Lucius K. Winfield : One hundred and eighteen pounds: eleven-hundred and eighty dollars. Wh-what am I laughin' at? This is not deductable from my income tax.

    [the scene splits to Joan brushing her hair by the window as Steve howls realistically like a wolf while lying in bed - they both smile and the scene fades out] 

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