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  • Disney's hit feature, Song of the South, had an unusual opening in Chicago, as the film opened on a Saturday (rare for a lst run film; invariably Friday was the day of choice for most lst run films), on December 21, 1946 at the RKO Palace (Randolph at LaSalle---today the Cadillac Palace). The ad in the Chicago Tribune reads:

    The Merriest of Merry Christmas Shows! Walt Disney's greatest and happiest production, "Song of the South" in Technicolor; based on the famous tales of Uncle Remus and Bre'r Rabbit; featuring Ruth Warrick with Lucile Watson, Hattie McDaniel, James Baskett, Luana Patton, Bobby Driscoll; released by RKO Pictures, Inc; plus 2nd feature: Ton Conway in "The Falcon's Adventure" Edit



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