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1 Jan. 1953
Uncle Clyde Comes to Visit/Renting Room
George scrambles to rent the spare room before Gracie's uncle arrives for a visit, but everyone's plans incur some hiccups.
8 Jan. 1953
Gracie Thinks Harry Morton Is in Love With Her
Harry buys an anniversary present for Blanche and hides it at the Burns' home. However, Gracie finds it and thinks that Harry has fallen in love with her and is trying to win her from George. She sets out to come up with a scheme to "discourage" Harry and show him that he and Gracie are not meant for each other.
15 Jan. 1953
Gracie Trying to Keep Mortons From Moving Away
Harry Morton trades his house for one across town. Gracie doesn't want to lose her best friend Blanche, so when the new neighbors move into the Mortons' house, Gracie does everything she can think of to convince them that they wouldn't want to live next door to a household as crazy as the Burns' one.
22 Jan. 1953
Gracie Thinks She's Not Married to George
George has to convince Gracie that they are legally married, but convincing Gracie of anything is never easy.
29 Jan. 1953
Tax Refund
Graice invites the mayor of Los Angeles for dinner.
5 Feb. 1953
Cigarette Girl/Georgie Jessel/Teddy Bear
A vague gossip column tip and a mysterious teddy bear lead Gracie to believe George is two-timing her with a cigarette girl. Meanwhile Harry Morton's lies about his late-night poker game cause Blanche to question his actual whereabouts.
12 Feb. 1953
Gracie on Train/Murder
After a man on a train jokingly tells her that he plans to murder his wife, Gracie's confusing explanations land George and Harry Morton in the slammer.
19 Feb. 1953
Blanche Wants New Car/Gracie Gets Von Zell a Wife
Gracie tries to find Von Zell a wife and children so he can save money on his income tax.
26 Feb. 1953
Gracie Gives a Swamp Party
Gracie has a very "entertaining" way of helping Harry Morton in his real estate business.
5 Mar. 1953
George and Gracie Hear a Burglar/Up All Night
When Harry Morton makes noise while coming downstairs to turn of his car's headlights one night, George thinks it's a prowler breaking in and goes to investigate. Then Blanche Morton hears George stumbling around and thinks HE'S a burglar. The police are called and wind up arresting Harry Von Zell!
12 Mar. 1953
Gracie Buying a Ranch for George
Gracie gets the idea that George is looking to buy a ranch, so she starts looking for one for sale. George, who actually doesn't want to move to a ranch, gets Harry Von Zell to pretend he's a doctor and tell Gracie that George's "condition" precludes his living on a ranch. However, real-estate agent Harry Morton has a client with a ranch for sale, and gets his partner Casey to pretend he's a doctor and tell Gracie that George actually should move to a ranch.
19 Mar. 1953
Gracie Gets George in the Army
Gracie is worried about the fact that George hasn't been sleeping well, so she decides that what he needs is a stint in the Army Reserve. An army doctor who was to give George his entrance physical exam mistakenly examines Harry Morton, who goes along with it because he thinks the doctor is there to examine him for an insurance policy. Before he knows it, Harry finds himself in the army.
26 Mar. 1953
Gracie Reports Car Stolen
Someone whistles in George's dressing room and Gracie, believing the old show-biz superstition that it will mean three days of bad luck, hides George's car so that he can't make a scheduled trip to Palm Springs. George reports the car stolen, but eventually gets it back and sets off on his drive to Palm Springs--where he's arrested by the police because his car is still on the "hot car" list.
30 Mar. 1953
Gracie Pretends to Be a College Boy's Mother
A young college student wants to impress his girlfriend by asking George and Gracie to pose as his parents. Gracie goes along with it but George refuses. Gracie talks Harry Von Zell into playing the role but, unknown to her, Blanche Morton talks her husband Harry into playing George. Unfortunately, both Harrys show up Gracie's house at the same time as the student and his girlfriend.
6 Apr. 1953
Misunderstanding Over Buying Mountain Cabin
Harry Von Zell is planning to buy a mountain cabin, and gives Gracie as a reference. The real estate agent Harry's using calls Gracie, who comes to the conclusion that George is the one buying a cabin. When she mentions this to Harry Morton, who's a real estate agent, he gets upset that George is buying from another agent. Complications ensue.
13 Apr. 1953
Blanche Secretly Buys a Fur Stole
There's great confusion as to whether it was Blanche or Gracie who secretly bought a mink stole; and then the whereabouts of the fur come into question, prompting Gracie to involve the police.
20 Apr. 1953
Gracie Takes Spanish Lessons
Gracie's attempt to straighten out her Spanish teacher's work visa puts George in jeopardy of being deported to Spain.
27 Apr. 1953
Gracie & Cleaning Woman/Vanderlips
Gracie jeopardizes Harry Morton's bank loan and George and Harry Von Zell's well-being when she mistakenly determines Mr. Vanderlip has been having an affair with his cook.
4 May 1953
Von Zell's Girlfriend Between Trains
Harry Von Zell attempts to impress his ex-girlfriend by passing off Gracie as his wife. Meanwhile, Blanche worries that her husband is being bullied by his business partner, and George tries to straighten out Gracie's checking account.
11 May 1953
George Lectures at UCLA
George receives an invitation to speak at a UCLA forum on television, but he loses his nerve after hearing his friends mocking him.
18 May 1953
Gracie and Harry Morton/Missing Persons Bureau
Gracie causes needless headaches for Blanche, the police and an insurance agent when she reports Harry Morton missing.
6 Jul. 1953
Surprise Party for Mortons/Sanitarium Routine
Harry Morton's friends plan a surprise party for his birthday, but Gracie mistakenly thinks the party is for George and she accidentally has Harry committed to a sanitarium.
13 Jul. 1953
Perry & Pete/Gracie's Cousins/Sneak Thieves
George invites a pair of burglars to stay in their home after Gracie introduces them as her cousins.
20 Jul. 1953
Gracie Doing a Picture Without George
Some amusement results when Gracie finds a telegram from 1923. In it, George is asked to do a Broadway show, but without his partner. Gracie does not notice the date on the telegram, and tries to figure out a way to make George feel free to do the show without her.
27 Jul. 1953
Gracie Trying to Get George to Go on Trip East
When Gracie learns the Mortons are going on a road trip with another couple, she tries to coax George into going.
3 Aug. 1953
Gracie Sees a Hold-Up/Johnny Velvet
Gracie is scheduled to testify about witnessing a bank robbery, which sets off a string of botched kidnappings. Meanwhile, George is elated about crooning some tunes at a party in Ronald Reagan's honor, but no one wants to hear him sing.
10 Aug. 1953
Gracie and George Locked Out of Their House
Thanks to Gracie's carelessness, the Burns and Mortons get locked out of their homes in the middle of the night, much to the chagrin of the locksmith's jealous wife.
17 Aug. 1953
Gracie at Department Store
Gracie trips and falls, as a result of her high heel getting caught in a hole in the rug at the department store. The store's management attempts to reach a monetary settlement with Gracie, but are thwarted by confused resistance.
5 Oct. 1953
Morton Buys Iron Deer/Gracie Thinks George Needs Glasses
When George declares he "can't see" how Harry Morton could spend $200 on an iron deer for his lawn, Gracie concludes George's eyesight is deteriorating.
12 Oct. 1953
Gracie Helps Morton Get CPA Account
Gracie interferes with Harry Morton's promotion by pretending to divorce him. Meanwhile, a chicken which Gracie plans to cook for dinner gets drunk and runs amok in the neighborhood.
19 Oct. 1953
Gracie Gets a Jury Summons
Gracie receives a juror notice, and everyone thinks she should get out of it, except for Gracie.
26 Oct. 1953
George Teaches Gracie Not to Be Careless
Gracie mistakenly gets the notion that Blanche is kleptomaniac and wreaks havoc trying to cover up for her.
2 Nov. 1953
George and Harry Mad at Each Other
A mutual acquaintance ticks off George and Harry Morton, so Gracie thinks they're mad at each other. To patch up their friendship, Gracie decides to turn them both against Harry Von Zell.
9 Nov. 1953
Gracie Gets a Business Manager
Gracie mistakes the Mortons' lawn man for the business manager she hired.
16 Nov. 1953
Raccoon Coat Story
After Gracie gives away Harry Morton's fur coat, she goes to great lengths to procure a replacement.
23 Nov. 1953
Gracie Thinks Harry is Broke
Gracie has the mistaken impression that Harry Von Zell is broke, and, of course, endeavors to help him.
30 Nov. 1953
Gracie Going to San Francisco
Gracie and Blanche are planning to visit Gracie's mom, and their husband's are happy to be getting some free time of their own, while they're away.
7 Dec. 1953
Gracie Thinks George is Retiring from Show Business
The Burns house is put in jeopardy when a misheard telephone conversation between George and Jack Benny gives Gracie the impression that George is quitting show business.
14 Dec. 1953
George and Gracie Going to Rose Marie Premiere
Gracie and George get a limited amount of tickets to a movie premiere, and pledge them to too many friends.
21 Dec. 1953
Problem Husbands
In a bizarre attempt to help Jane straighten out her marital woes, Gracie decides to find a job where she can earn more money than George does.
28 Dec. 1953
Gracie's Anniversary Present
Gracie is under the mistaken impression that George is going to surprise her with an airplane for their wedding anniversary.

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