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  • The Columbia film, The Happy Time, opened in Chicago, according to an ad in the Chicago Tribune, on Monday night (a very unusual time), at 9:00 pm, on December 22, 1952. at the Essaness Woods theatre, Randolph at Dearborn (sadly, no longer standing). The ad stated: "The Picture That Made America Blush!" Edit

  • According to an ad in the New York Times, the Columbia movie, a Stanley Kramer production, The Happy Time, had its World Premiere in New York, at the famed Radio City Music Hall ("Showplace of the Nation"; Rockefeller Center), on Thursday morning, October 30, 1952. The film starred: Charles Boyer, Louis Jourdan,, with Marsha Hunt, Kurt Kasznar, Linda Christian, Marcel Dalio, Richard Erdman, Bobby Driscoll. The film was based on the Rogers & Hammerstein stage play. Edit



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